Our team

Agency Owner

Austin Green

Austin’s journey with Globe Life started in Alexander City, AL over a decade ago in 2011. After starting at the local community college with hopes of becoming a nurse he quickly learned that blood was not something he could work with. He started as an agent with Globe Life – Liberty National Division and never looked back. Austin mentored personally with Angela for almost 10 years and during that time opened four offices in two states under her leadership growing her organization to over 100 employees and contractors. Austin stepped out and opened his agency in Atlanta, GA in 2019. The Atlanta office went on to be named Rookie Agency of the Year in 2021 beating out eight other offices in the category. In March of 2022 Austin, Aiyana, Jakobi and Muhammed moved to Los Angeles, CA to expand the Globe Life brand.

Regional Agency Director

Aiyana Alfred

Originally from Augusta, GA Aiyana set out for a new opportunity in 2018 with her move to Atlanta, GA. When Aiyana arrived in Atlanta she enrolled at Georgia State to pursue her degree in Business Management but found she lacked the real world experience she was craving. This led Aiyana to apply with The Green Agencies and begin a career with us in July of 2019. Aiyana clearly has a natural gift and strong business acumen as she immediately excelled in her newfound role. Aiyana quickly took two promotions within her first year with Globe and was named a 2021 SEAL Team Member. After moving to Los Angeles, CA to expand the Globe Life brand in March of 2022 Aiyana was then promoted to Regional Agency Director where she currently oversees growth in our SoCal and NorCal markets.

Agency Director

Muhammed Minteh

While working at a local grocery store and attending Kennesaw State University for Art Muhammed (Moe) met Aiyana Alfred. Moe recalls she was shopping for “birthday candles” and asked him for assistance in finding the candles, however when he took her to what most consider birthday candles she looked confused. Aiyana asked Moe where she could find “candles to give someone as a gift for their birthday”. Moe thought it was odd she was shopping for candles at a grocery store but led her to the candles anyway. On their way to the candles Moe asked Aiyana what she did for a living and if she was hiring. This trajectory altering conversation led Moe to his interview with Austin Green in November of 2019 and he never looked back. After starting with The Green Agencies Moe stepped into his supervising agent position in March of 2020. Moe has continued to be a rising star within the organization and sees his future very clearly. Moe was promoted to agency director December of 2020 and looks forward to his continued positive impact on the people he leads.

Agency Director

Jakobi Mason

After graduating high school in 2016 Jakobi took some time to explore his options and landed at Publix, a local grocery store, where he met Muhammed Minteh. Jakobi grew tired of working in retail and when Muhammed reached out to him late 2020 Jakobi knew it was time to make a change. Jakobi came on with The Green Agencies in January of 2021 and quickly took two promotions within his first year with the company. Jakobi made the move to Los Angeles, CA in March 2022 to expand the Globe Life brand and is currently enjoying the weather and activities the LA area has to offer.

Director of Quality

Mary Evans-Moran

Our Director of Quality, Mary Evans-Moran, started with Globe Life in 2018. After working in retail management for over 10 years, Mary knew she wanted something more fulfilling for her career. She decided to go back to college and majored in Business Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Project Management. Even with her degrees, Mary found herself struggling to find a company to give her an opportunity. After struggling for months in the job market, she fortunately took an interview with Austin Green and knew immediately that this was the opportunity for her! Mary spent a year with us as a Supervising Agent and Agency Director before turning her attention to our Quality Department. As our Director of Quality, Mary has been instrumental in our agency’s consistent growth from the beginning. Mary is currently headquartered in Woodstock, GA with her husband and daughter and routinely visits our California office.

supervising agent


Alejandra graduated from high school in 2022 and went straight into the world looking for an opportunity. After starting with The Green Agencies Alejandra was promoted within her first two months with us and has been growing ever since! She recently returned from our corporate leadership development class in Dallas, TX and looks forward to her continued growth with Globe Life. 



Originally from Bakersfield, CA Sierra March pursued an Associates degree in Baking and Pastries upon finishing High School. She transferred to Long Beach City College where she finished her degree before moving home to Bakersfield to start her career. In November of 2020 Sierra married her husband Cam and they currently have two cats named Max and Jaina. Sierra came to The Green Agencies mid 2022 and has been unstoppable ever since! She has a heart for leadership and is constantly helping those around her improve. 

supervising agent

andres velazquez

Andres grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and now resides near our office located in West Covina. After graduating from Los Osos High School in 2005 he set out to start a career in the entertainment industry and throughout his decade in entertainment Andres developed a love for LARP (Live Action Role Play). Andres is still extremely active in the community and attends several events annually. Andres has always had a heart for helping others and a natural affinity for leadership so his fit with The Green Agencies made perfect sense when we met mid-2022. Andres has had a fast start in the industry and aims to provide others with the same opportunity.